Sylvite Spotlight

Weed ID Wednesday: Redroot Pigweed

Did you remember to vote in this week's #WeedIDWednesday social media post? Find out the correct answer right here on our blog!
Posted on: September 05, 2019

Weed ID Wednesday: Witch Grass

We want to test your weed identification skills! Check out the answer to our latest #WeedIDWednesday post.
Posted on: August 29, 2019

Weed ID Wednesday: Lamb's Quarters

Every week we ask you to identify a weed from a few distinguishing features on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Check out the answer to this week's question here!
Posted on: August 22, 2019

Weed ID Wednesday: Barnyard Grass

Yesterday we asked you to identify a grass species from only a description. Did you guess correctly? Click to find out!
Posted on: August 15, 2019

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