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Fraud warning

It has come to our attention that a group of individuals has been extending fraudulent offers of employment to people residing within and outside of Canada. Individuals are being asked to forward on their personal information so that the immigration process can commence. Please be advised that these offers should be considered fraudulent and are acting as a means to steal your information and/or your money.

At Sylvite, we would conduct a personal interview with you prior to any offers of employment being extended. We would never ask for you to provide any money. Also, we would not ask you to provide information for an LMO process prior to an interview, offer and acceptance of same.

We are recommending that you do not respond to any emails extending an unsolicited offer of employment. If you do receive an email of this nature we suggest that you ignore and report it to your local police department. If you have any questions regarding any email received you can contact

Highway Driver

Operations - General Freight


  • Position requires the employee to have a valid Class A-Z Licence. Suspension or cancellation of the driver’s licence for any reason is just cause for immediate termination without notice.
  • While operating a company vehicle, the employee is required to comply with all laws whether provincial, state or federal, Canadian or U.S. Failure to do so will constitute just cause for immediate termination without notice.   Failure to do so will be considered a major infraction and will result in discipline up to and including termination without notice.
  • Comply with the contents of the Drivers Manual and Employee Handbook as provided by the Company.



  • Comply with all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Standards, whether provincial or federal, Canadian or U.S. and all highway traffic legislation in any jurisdiction in which the driver is operating a company vehicle
  • Comply with all legislation dealing with hours of work and maximum hours worked between breaks at all times, whether the legislation is Canadian or U.S., provincial, state or federal
  • Immediately report, and in particular within 8 hours, to the Employer, any offences or which the Employee or the Company is charged in relation to any Federal Motor Carrier Safety Standards or Highway Traffic Act legislation, whether provincial or federal, Canadian or U.S.  Failure to report will constitute just cause for termination without notice.



  • Provide the following documents when renewed/updated – driver’s licence (including renewal within 30 days of address change)
  • Provide any changes to address and telephone number, emergency contact information,
  • Adhere to all procedures. Both written and implied as outlined by the Safety & Compliance Department or Fleet Department
  • Adhere to all Canadian and U.S. Federal and other jurisdictional laws



  • Call in to dispatch department for upcoming day’s work assignments either the night before or the morning of – as advised by the dispatcher
  • Notify dispatcher of delays in excess of ½ hour.  Drivers are to continue to communicate with dispatch when delayed, based on the discretion of the dispatcher
  • Keep company-issued mobile phone as available as possible to receive communications from dispatchers
  • Use of the company-issued mobile phone is for business and emergency purposes only, and only when not driving



  • Conduct pre- and post-trip inspections as outlined in the Highway Traffic Act for both the truck and the trailer
  • Report all vehicle or trailer damage as immediately as possible to the Fleet Manager.
  • Complete trailer inspection report daily as prescribed by the Highway Traffic Act
  • Trailer inspections are required for each and every unit that a driver pulls in the course of day



  • Follow safe driving techniques
  • Practice defensive driving practices
  • Adhere to all laws, Federal, Regional and jurisdictional as outlined in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Standards



  • Pickup and delivery of company trucks / trailers; shunting
  • Ride-along with less-experienced drivers providing coaching and providing feedback to Safety and Compliance for areas of improvement by the driver
  • Requirement to participate in modified work or other miscellaneous duties if not capable of performing all driving responsibilities or truck/tractor is not available



  • Arrive at customer location at specified time
  • Follow customer requirements for access to dock door and exit from truck yard
  • Load and unload trailer contents in a safe manner, following required procedures
  • Hand bomb inventory, as required
  • Follow security measures, as instructed



  • Professional conduct required at customer location
  • Do not challenge or confront a customer.  If a conflict should arise, you must call your dispatcher immediately for instructions.  Do not leave a customer site, unless advised by your dispatcher



  • Driver envelopes are to include – Bills of Lading, driver logs and equipment inspections and all other customer and Sylvite documents that may be required for invoicing, or the Safety and Compliance Department
  • Documents to indicate wait time at customer site and must be initialled by the customer for the driver to be paid
  • All documents must be completed in full and must reflect correct and accurate information.  If the driver is unsure how to fill something out, he/she is to ask for assistance



  • Report all accidents to the Fleet Manager as immediately as possible but within 8 hours
  • Fill out all accident information on site with the aid of the driver accident kit.  Make notes to keep information fresh and complete
  • Participate in Accident Review Board when requested



  • Follow training plan as instructed by Safety & Compliance
  • Participate in remedial training as required



  • Become knowledgeable about all Sylvite divisions and the products and services they provide to customers
  • Demonstrate adherence to ISO standards and other best practices
  • Documentation of all processes and tasks for which a function is responsible
  • Demonstrate a high degree of service to and collaboration with other business units
  • Provide support to other department members maintaining a sense of team
  • Provide positive feedback to others when possible; coach others for success
  • Recommend opportunities for improvement of processes and systems as a result of the function performed or based on observations
  • Recommend opportunities for reducing costs



Education and Experience


2 years verifiable experience as an A-Z Driver             Good CVOR and Abstract

Successfully passing an extensive                                  Clean Police Clearance Certificate

Company-provided road test




General Health & Safety Orientation

WHMIS Training

General Employee Orientation

On-the-Job Training specific to Function

Hours of Service                                  

Paperwork Procedures



Loss Prevention                       

Customer Service training

Defensive Driving

FleetSmart Training

Drivers Performance Testing