SylGro stimulates essential plant systems, magnifying your yield potential.

Sylvite’s patented SylGro technology is an intelligent nutrient enhancement product that stimulates essential plant systems. SylGro works from inside the plant, enhancing root development and growth rate, optimizing nutrient uptake and use, and improving plant vigour and uniformity, all of which leads to higher yields and quality.

SylGro Products

  • Accelerator
  • Activator
  • Calcentrate
  • Komplete
  • Target

Grower Testimonials

Improving Root Health in Strawberries
Kevin Howe, Howe Farms, Elgin County

SylGro Calcentrate Mg on Apples
Casey Cleaver, Cleaver Orchards, Simcoe Ontario

SylGro Activator on Green Beans
Nathan Streef, Streef Produce Ltd., Princeton Ontario