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Customer Agronomy Day - 2018

Jan 24th , 2018 – Quality Inn Woodstock


Centrally located in southwestern Ontario, Sylvite Agri-Services is a full-service, value added agricultural retailer with a complete range of products, services and solutions to meet your unique needs.

Event Agenda

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8:45 registration and coffee
Prompt - 9 am start then 2:30 wrap up

Fungicides spraying on Corn / Soy & Alfalfa – A seed company perspective

Matt Chapple – Pride Seeds Market Development 30 min

Current Spray topics Answered! Q & A, comics, droplet size, fungicide spraying, “Micron women”, dicamba

Jason Deveau – Omafra’s @Spray_Guy 45 min

Soil Health the Evergreen revolution

Greg Patterson – President – A & L Canada Laboratories 60 min

Myths and Marvels of data & precision agriculture

Aaron Breimer – Manager Veritas Farm mgt. 45- 60 min

** Lunch **

Advanced Micro Nutrients Maximizing Nutrient Efficiency through balanced fertility

Dale Edgington - Purchasing & production Manager, Advanced Micronutrient Products 30 Min

Differentiating Bio Stimulants, - How Sylgro products support “4R Nutrient Stewardship”

Steve McQueen – Director, Canadian Business Unit – Emerald Bio 30 min

Sylvite 2018 Service & Product Updates

Brent Stephenson - Product research & Sales Sylvite Sunnyside & Putnam 20 min

Brian Coutts – General Manager – Sylvite Putnam 10 min

** End **

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