In addition to our list of core products, Sylvite carries a complete line of packaged chemicals, offering a one-stop solution for most customers. Through our partnerships with various manufacturers and suppliers, we continually source new products at home and abroad, so contact your representative to get the latest product information. With our commitment to the industrial sector, Sylvite has bulk vessel handling, segregated storage, industrial packaging facilities and custom blending capabilities to service all your needs.

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Serving the pulp and paper industry in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes, Sylvite brings a strong supply of core products and has the market knowledge to effectively meet our customers’ needs.
With our experience in the fertilizer market, Sylvite supplies associated products, like phosphoric acid, urea and ammonia direct to our customers. Through partnerships with local manufacturers, we also supply customized and specialty packaged products, such as defoamers, soaps and polymers.

Full Product Listing

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